Mark Abbott (he/him)

Executive Director, Engineering Change Lab

Mark Abbott, P.Eng., MBA, currently serves as the Director of the Engineering Change Lab, which is in based in Toronto at the MaRS Discovery District, the world’s largest urban innovation hub. The Lab's mission is to act as a catalyst for evolving the engineering community to reach its full potential as stewards of technology for the benefit of all. Under his leadership these past seven years, over 150 organizations and 300+ individual leaders (CEOs, VPs, Deans, Directors) have collaborated using the Lab’s platform, advancing understanding and action to evolve engineering. Previously, Mark served as a member of the Executive Team at Engineers Without Borders Canada for several years. Before that, Mark spent fourteen years working for a heavy industrial consulting engineering firm based in Vancouver

Mark Franklin (he/him)

Practice Leader at CareerCycles & Co-Founder of OneLifeTools

Mark Franklin, MEd, PEng, spent 10 years in engineering before shifting into career development. "People often ask me about my career change from engineering to career development. Really I never left engineering! In my work leading CareerCycles and OneLifeTools I “redeployed” my systems thinking and structured problem solving skills to focus on the 'wicked problems' of dissatisfaction and disengagement." Much of Mark's work is with engineers and others with technical professions, and leading employers who are looking for Tech Stewards (whether they use that term yet or not!). Mark has been involved in the Engineering Change Lab for several years.

Maj Dafinone (she/her)

Manager, Partner Solutions Group, MaRS Discovery District

Maj currently serves as a manager within the Partners Solutions Group at MaRS Discovery District. She has worked globally in engineering and business development roles spanning multiple sectors including chemicals, oil & gas and cleantech. Prior to joining MaRS Discovery District, Maj worked with Bain & Company, Bloom Energy and Bayer Material Science. During her time at MaRS, she has been involved with developing partnerships, and helping corporate, government and institutional partners with innovation adoption. Maj has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, a Master’s Degree in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia University.

Tech Stewardship Network

A Diverse Group Of Leaders

Throughout the program, we will introduce you to a diverse group of Tech Stewards with different professional backgrounds working in different sectors (industry, academia, government, professional associations, and civil society) - but all unified in their goal of helping shape technology for the benefit of all!